About me

Highly motivated and multi-disciplined Graphic Designer having worked across various sectors within the design industry.

After completing my education, I moved to Kosovo, where I had the opportunity to work for a prominent daily newspaper and its monthly magazine, distributed not only in Kosovo but also across Western and Central Europe. Seeking a new challenge, I later took on the role of the sole Graphic Designer for a software development company, catering primarily to German and Swiss businesses. This experience allowed me to enhance my skills on diverse projects, ranging from gaming to web and print design. Returning to London in 2017, I sought fresh challenges and joined a dynamic role as an integrated designer, contributing to comprehensive campaigns for various brands.

My professional journey has equipped me with a deep understanding and extensive experience in Graphic and Digital design, Web design, UI/UX, and Integrated Campaigns. 

I take pride in my work, fuelled by a genuine passion for the design. With ambition, dedication, and organisational prowess, I bring a keen eye for detail to every project. Committed to delivering excellence from conceptualisation to deliverables.